best way to cover a sement patio

The 9 Best Concrete Paints of 2020

Reviewers raved about the ease with which the textured and colorful concrete paint slid over the surface in an even coat. Although the end result can be better than expected for users, it does require two coats for the best finish. The one gallon can cover just 50 square feet, which can be ideal for small porches but a pain for larger areas.【Get Price】

How To Clean Stained Cement or Concrete

2019-10-12 · When you’re ready to sell, a spotless patio, driveway, and garage floor show potential buyers that you’ve paid attention to home maintenance details. Tips on Cleaning Stained Cement Cleaning a stained cement or concrete floor isn’t a quick task, but it’s not a difficult one, either.【Get Price】

20 Clever and Cool Basement Wall Ideas

2020-8-29 · Have a look at the clever and cool collection of basement wall ideas below for inspiration. Some of them give more space in the room. Some of them are fun idea to show off your awesome relationship with your family members.【Get Price】

Can Pressure Washing Damage Concrete + Pavers + …

2020-8-30 · Can Pressure Washing Damage Concrete or Pavers? Cleaning your hardscapes is a fast, easy way to immediately increase your home’s curb appeal or improve outdoor living areas without spending a lot of money. You will notice an even more significant difference if your concrete, bricks or paving stones are dirty from years of neglect or if they have mold or algae growing on them.【Get Price】

How to Fill Small Cracks in Concrete

2020-8-31 · Filling small cracks in concrete keeps them from turning into big holes. If you know how to fill small cracks in concrete, you’ll your concrete to a smooth finish. This technique will work for cracks smaller than 3/8 inch wide in the sidewalk, driveway, garage floor, basement, or steps. For this project you’ll need […]【Get Price】

How to Mix Cement

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Remove Dog and Cat Urine Odor from Concrete: 3 …

We’re going to cover two methods in this article: The best way to remove pet urine odors is by using a process called positive ionization. Another option is to remove odors with enzymes. Don’t worry if this sounds like high school chemistry; these are both natural, off-the-shelf methods that really work.【Get Price】

Best Way to Remove Concrete Slabs on a Patio

2020-8-31 · It may work best for your needs. But we discovered that a heavy duty jackhammer weighs about 90 pounds, which takes quite a bit of effort to move and manipulate, whereas a 20# sledge hammer, which is what we use here, is actually easier and highly effective. For a standard patio, we recommend this method first and foremost.)› Home› How To, Tips, and Advice【Get Price】

Smoothing and Sealing Concrete?

2020-8-18 · You don't say how big the floor is going to be. For something big I would hire a contractor to do the work. However, if it is a small area you have to dig down a depth,put in gravel, sand, build a form to contain the concrete, mix up the concrete,pour and take out any air pockets,smooth the top surface and add some grooves to prevent cracking.【Get Price】

121 Best Concrete Resurfacing images | Concrete

Jan 28, 2016 - We use latest techniques in order to resurface your concrete floors with new trendy designs. See more ideas about Concrete resurfacing, Concrete floors, Concrete.【Get Price】

10 Best Patio Cover Ideas - Smart Ways to Cover Your …

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2020 Cement Patio Cost | Cost of Cement | How Much …

More often than not, homeowners hire professional masons to install a cement patio. Of course, if you choose to DIY, your cement patio cost will only come down to materials. However, if you hire a pro, cement patio costs range between $5 and $11 per square foot. As such, a 100sf cement patio typically runs homeowners between $500 and $1,1,00 total.【Get Price】

Two Ways To Easily Remove Paint From Concrete

2020-7-21 · Method 2 to Remove Paint from Concrete with Soda Blasting. Soda blasting is a great way to remove paint from large areas of concrete. Paint stains on concrete completely disappear using this method, leaving you with a clean surface for repainting if necessary.Soda blasting is also an environmentally friendly way to remove paint from concrete, and causes no damage to the underlying …【Get Price】

Colored Concrete - How to Color Concrete - The …

2020-5-5 · The best attribute of decorative concrete is that each installation is totally unique. Concrete can assume nearly any shape, design, pattern or texture. But colored concrete, whether used subtly to blend with nature or boldly to make a dramatic design statement, is by far the most popular enhancement.【Get Price】

How to Winterize Decks and Patios

Begin your winter preparation by clearing off your deck or patio. Some outdoor furniture such as synthetic wicker and aluminum furniture can stay, but clean it well, stack it, and cover it off to one side. Any place where the furniture pieces come into contact with the deck can cause damage to the wood.【Get Price】

How to Get Rid of Scratches on Concrete Walkways

2019-9-2 · Cover the repaired areas of the walkway with a flat plastic tarp. Leave the tarp on for five days. 5. Mist the repaired areas lightly with water once a day while they are covered. After five days 【Get Price】

10 Best Outdoor exterior basement cellar bulkhead …

2015-11-24 · May 8, 2016 - Explore La Sherpa's board "Outdoor exterior basement cellar bulkhead door ideas. Must be able to walk over it." on Pinterest. See more …【Get Price】


Set the power sprayer on the most effective nozzle setting to blow the mold off the patio. Be aware that a too-concentrated stream can leave a mark on your patio. Indoors, use a power sprayer and a wet vacuum at the same time. As you blow the mold off the concrete, suck up the wastewater with the vacuum.【Get Price】

How To: Pour a Concrete Patio

Done right, a DIY concrete patio can be an attractive addition to your property that's long-lasting, versatile, and economical—particularly if you pour it yourself!【Get Price】

How to Create a Stained Concrete Patio

Powdered concrete color is an interesting and simple way to tint concrete. Once the concrete has dried slightly, begin tossing handfuls of color powder onto the concrete with a dice-throwing motion. Smooth the powder into the concrete using concrete floats. Always wear safety glasses and a dust mask when working with powdered concrete color.【Get Price】

24 Easy DIY Concrete Planter Ideas

2020-8-25 · It is a way for this site to earn advertising fees by advertising or linking to certain products and/or services. Fine concrete mix is best for planters because the aggregate in them is sand. build using laminate boards with screws, cover joints with silicone caulking. Medium or smaller planters – use thick cardboard boxes, plastic 【Get Price】

Caulking Concrete Cracks

2020-8-1 · Seal cracks in concrete with durable urethane caulk. It'll keep water out and protect your foundation and walks from further cracking and eroding. You can do it in less than a half hour. Cracks and gaps in concrete are more than just an eyesore. Water can get into the joints, freeze and then expand› Home› Masonry› Concrete Repair【Get Price】

Concrete Floor Coverings: Ways to Cover Concrete - …

Four Ways to Cover Concrete Floors: There are four ways to cover concrete. (water or solvent or both) are best suited for that particular application. Spray Applied or Stenciled Concrete or other natural material. In many cases a little creativity goes a long way in creating a floor covering that is a one of kind, and in many cases much 【Get Price】

How to Write Your Name In Cement Without Making …

The coolest way to write your name in cement EVER. Materials. wet-ish cement; mini alphabet cookie cutters; hammer; Make Time: 5 Minutes. This one is totally simple! Just plan what you want to say and get your cookie cutters ready. Line up as many as you can by placing them gently on the cement. The cement should be mostly dry.【Get Price】


2020-8-28 · Paver or Flagstone Patio Installation details - If you are placing your Structure on a paver patio, pour the concrete to be level with the finished pavers. This way, after adding the trim, the bottom of the trim will rest atop the pavers seamlessly. Since the paver patio is usually a few inches above【Get Price】

13 Creative Ways to Cover Your Patio

A wide-slat pergola is the best way to go whenever there's a bit of distance between the patio area and your house. We love the way Brookes + Hill Custom Builders incorporated beautiful pendant lighting into this pergola, sure to create a bewitching ambience perfect for those summer soirees.【Get Price】

How to raise a sunken sidewalk block and a …

2019-9-2 · Q: The first block of the sidewalk in front of my 50-year-old home has sunk about two inches and opened a one-inch gap between it and the second block.What is the best way to fill this gap and 【Get Price】

How to Clean a Cement Patio

2020-8-18 · Spray on patio surface, let sit for 30 minutes, then scrub and rinse. For heavily stained or mildewed patios, you may need a pressure washer. You can rent one at a tool rental center or home improvement store. Follow the directions on the machine on how to clean a cement patio. Be sure to wear protective eyewear and gloves when using a pressure 【Get Price】


A concrete patio also may serve as a subbase for a mortared flagstone, tile, or paver patio. Building a concrete patio (or any concrete slab) is similar in many ways to the walkway project. Before beginning your project be sure and read through these pages for additional information, particularly on the subjects of finishing and curing.【Get Price】

What would I use to fill small holes in a cement floor

2017-9-18 · These are the holes I am speaking about. They aren't very deep, but with a paper bag floor, im quite sure the holes will be prominent when finished. the floor molding isn't very clear but I though rather than remove the molding I could use quarter round to fill in the small space between the end of the molding and the flooring. even thought about using a contrasting color on the quarter round 【Get Price】

Applying Polymeric Sand to an Existing Patio or …

This is certainly cheaper than a brand new patio but it is a tedious job. Joint Size. Polymeric Sand works best when it is used to fill the entire depth of the paver. In addition, it works best on joints that are between ¼ inch and 1.5 inches wide.【Get Price】

Looking for the best and cheapest way to cover a …

2006-9-14 · Looking for the best and cheapest way to cover a concrete basement floor? I have a concrete basement/family room floor which I need to cover. I am considering covering it with concrete paint and a large, room sized rug versus laying carpet tiles. I don't want any laminate or wall to wall carpet. Any thoughts? Answer Save.【Get Price】

How to Cover Your Concrete Basement Floor

If you are planning to finish your basement, you may need to cover the floor to match the décor and make the room more inviting. Paint the Concrete. One of the easiest ways to cover your concrete floor is to paint it. There are a number of paints available, which are specifically designed for concrete floors.【Get Price】

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