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Find the perfect marine grade bolt for your project. Both chrome plated and white powder coated machine screws available. Rod Holders Rod Racks Horizontal Rod Holders Flush Mount Rod Holders Clamp-On Rod Holders Pontoon Rod Holders Rocket Launchers Pick Up Truck Rod Racks Other Rod Holders. size and options and have a custom door 【Get Price】


2019-3-21 · Pontoon Ladders & Fence Graphics PONTOON REBUILD & ACCESSORIES 2019 Boat Show & Open House Pricing Complete Interiors, Fence Packages, Bimini Tops, almost Everything for Pontoons Hard to Find Pontoon Parts Dock Bumpers Captain Helms Custom cut carpet to your size; 7 Colors in 3 styles Vinyl Flooring available in Tan, Charcoal, or Gray【Get Price】

Pontoon Boat Deck Screws

Incredibly strong, 2" self-tapping pontoon deck screws with 5/8" Phillips head. Xylan coated steel deck screws can be used in any environment and will not corrode. These heavy duty fasteners are strong enough to drill through plywood and aluminum cross bars. (100) coated deck screws per …【Get Price】

Pontoon Trailers | Paul's Marine Inc. | United States

Woven vinyl flooring has become extremely popular over the past few years. If you have been to any boat show since 2010 you have noticed almost every pontoon boat has this type of flooring. Woven vinyl has the durability of solid vinyl flooring but also the softness …【Get Price】

Mini Pontoon Boats – Buying Guide 2017

Mini Pontoon Boats – Ultimate Buying Guide 2017 At we get a lot of traffic from people searching for mini pontoon boats. They certainly serve a nice niche in the boating world. Sometimes when you like to fish or hang out on a small pond you really don’t need a massive pontoon boat – […]【Get Price】

Pontoon Boat Deck Bolts

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Pontoon Floor Supports, M brackets, Joints

Yes and only in an 8′ wide pontoon if the builder utilizes it or there is one builder that utilizes tongue and grove floor panel in a 8′ 6” wide pontoon. That pontoon builder is Cypress Cay who in a brilliant move uses 4″ aluminum extrusion on the edges that overlap top …【Get Price】

Replacing pontoon floor?

2010-10-3 · Used by the highway departments, of course it costs a lot Go with Plywood covered in resin, csm, cloth; marine plywood if you can afford it, ACX if you cannot or any comparable plywood with the last letter an X for eXterior. CDX is an option, however it has the probability of more voids, or football patches in each layer, and the first letter tells you the quality of the best face, the second 【Get Price】

Dock / Pontoon Fenders

Dan-Fender Mini Multi Pontoon Dock Fender White - 950mm. Ref17: DF-54053701 PD11 The MINI Multi Dock Fender is very popular and based on the same innovative and flexible design as its “big brother”, the Multi Dock Fender = a multifunctional dock fender, just a smaller size for smaller boats to help prevent scratches and damages to the hull 【Get Price】


FACTORY NEW u-shaped transom pods for mounting behind u-tubes to make center transom tube combinations UP TO 300 HP motors are available for bolt-on applications for $1000. Custom built transoms can be added to tubes for $700 for up to 120 hp motors or $800 for up to 200 hp motors. I also have all the materials to build pontoon boat decks/docks.【Get Price】

Repairing a Runabout Floor or Pontoon Deck

A common source of problems on open runabouts and pontoon boats is the cockpit floor or deck. This part of the boat is usually just a layer of plywood screwed down to the top of stringers and frames. Many have a layer of carpet or vinyl flooring material glued onto the plywood.【Get Price】


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install wood deck on pontoon boat

install wood deck on pontoon boat - Composite Decking Price Composite Decking & WPC Products. Qizhen provides a comprehensive range of tongue groove porch flooring. The shallow and deep composite porch flooring offer different 【Get Price】

Pontoon Boat Hardware | Pontoon Deck Bolts, Nuts & …

Find the pontoon boat hardware you need to get the job done. Our collection includes pontoon deck bolts, nuts, washers and more, individual and in packs.【Get Price】

Accessoris & Innovations / Pontoon Bots 101

You can find pontoon tubes on ebay. They are generally about $1200+ each. Measure the length of the transom and buy a pontoon of the same diameter, or slightly larger that will run from the front of the transom to near your front deck. Drill a few holes in the cross members and bolt the new tube on. Unfortunately its not quite that simple.【Get Price】

Fence Bolt Kit

Fence Bolt kit includes (26) 3-1/2" long truss head pontoon 1/4" diameter fence bolts with 1" washers and flange nuts. The same stainless fence bolts that are used on new pontoon boats. Fence bolts are used to secure your pontoon fence to the deck of your pontoon boat. *Included with complete fence packages【Get Price】


2020-2-27 · Dock & Pontoon & Fence Graphics Ladders PONTOON REBUILD & ACCESSORIES 2020 Boat Show & Open House Pricing Complete Interiors, Fence Packages, Bimini Tops, almost Everything for Pontoons Hard to Find Pontoon Parts Dock Bumpers Captain Helms Custom cut carpet to your size; 4 Colors in 2 styles Vinyl Flooring available in Tan, Charcoal, or Gray【Get Price】

Pontoon Makeover: How to Update a Pontoon Boat

Pontoon Makeover: How to Update a Pontoon Boat You can experiment with layout and placement as well as couch, lounger and seat size to suit your family’s needs best – before you make your purchase. This way, you design your interior yourself, and using your boat’s deck measurements and console position, you know it will fit before you 【Get Price】

Pontoon Carpet & Flooring

Pontoon Vinyl Flooring Woven Vinyl Pontoon Flooring from $479.99; Pontoon Vinyl Flooring Teak Woven Vinyl Pontoon Flooring from $529.99; Pontoon Flooring Extreme Duty Pontoon Vinyl Flooring from $319.84; Pontoon Boat Carpet 16oz Pontoon Boat Carpet $11.99; Pontoon Boat Carpet 20oz Pontoon Boat Carpet $14.99; Pontoon Boat Carpet 24oz Pontoon Boat Carpet $15.99【Get Price】

Coosa Composite Board - Bluewater 26

It depends on the size piece you are ordering. If you order either a full sheet (96" x 48") or a half sheet (48" x 48"), it will have to ship freight. We are happy to get freight shipping quotes if you will send us your zip code and destination type (either commercial or residential).【Get Price】


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Pontoon Buyer’s Guide

· Pontoon Logs: Another key component of any pontoon boat is the pontoon log design. As today’s manufacturers are continuing to redesign and improve their pontoon log technology to meet the ever changing demand and abilities of pontoon boats, there are still 2 basic designs you should be aware of:【Get Price】 - 603-630-5658 - bolt …

Our 7'x15' and 8'x15' bolt-together pontoon boat kits are full-sized boats with full-sized capacities. The 7' wide version is made to carry up to 2447 pounds* and gives you a large 84" wide, 165" long deck, and our 8' wide version has a 2425 pound capacity, 95.75" wide, and 165" long deck. Both sizes provide all kinds of room for activities!【Get Price】

Pontoon and Boat Marine Hardware/Parts

Pontoon Hardware from rail bolts, decking screws, brackets, gate latch, blowers, pumps, steering wheel, captains pedestals.【Get Price】

Boat Deck Mats | Rubber-Cal Rubber Mats and Flooring

2020-8-31 · As tough as modern seafaring vessels are, they can still be potential areas of hazard. Without the proper rubber boat deck mats in place, the risk of moisture related slip and fall accidents occurring increases. Rubber flooring also protects wooden boat flooring and increases its life in the face of foot-traffic and the elements.【Get Price】

Stainless Steel Pontoon Deck Bolts

The Pontoon Deck Bolt has a 1” flat head with teeth that will lay flat on the deck, allowing your carpet to go down flawlessly. Pre-drilling is required on this stainless steel deck bolt…【Get Price】

homemade pontoon boat pvc flooring

pontoon boat flooring options - best flooring for your pontoon boat. 2feb 11, 2018 . there are major differences to each pontoon boat flooring. . a pontoon boat, it is important to know the pros and cons of the build of your pontoon. . you might find pontoons with vinyl flooring, carpet, and …【Get Price】

2019 Best Pontoon Boat Comparison

2019-1-16 · Manitou Pontoons, Bennington, Avalon, StarCraft, Berkshire and other pontoon brands will be displayed at the 2019 Toronto International Boat Show and 2020 Toronto Boat Show. For the purposes of the comparison to be fair to all parties we selected a 23’ mid-level 3 tube pontoon model as designated by the builder.【Get Price】

Pontoon Boat Manufacturers

Deck size (L x W) 12’x7′ 4 5. Person capacity 5 3 2. Total Weight capacity 850 lbs. 6 3. Horsepower capacity 20 h.p. Pontoon diameter 12″ # of pontoon tubes 5 . Pontoon material .065 50/52 marine-grade aluminum . Approx. dry weight 690 lbs . Rail height 23″ Canopy height (low pt./high pt.) 6’2″/7′ Width to outside of tubes 83.5″【Get Price】

Pontoon Boat Flooring: Making the Ideal Choice

2020-8-28 · Harris pontoon boats use a variety of vinyl flooring options. With wood-like styles and woven patterns available, vinyl offers the best overall value for construction, appearance and maintenance. Paired with a foam back, Harris vinyl pontoon flooring feels …【Get Price】

12 X

Marine Woven Vinyl Boat Pontoon Flooring W Padding Teak 12 8.5' X 25' Uflex Usa - $792.50. Uflex Usa Inc. Mtb12-1212wctrl Electro-mechanical Trim Tab, 12 X 12. New Trim - $759.00. New Trim Tabs Bennett Trim Tabs 129e Span X Chord 12 X 9 Boat Size 15'-19' 【Get Price】

How to Replace Your Pontoon Floor

Once your wiring is complete, you can put the flooring on. We used ¾-inch treated plywood (the cheaper option), but if you really want your floor to last, opt for marine-grade plywood. (EDIT: The copper in new ACQ pressure-treated wood will corrode the aluminum stringers in a pontoon – potentially very quickly.【Get Price】

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