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Wooden Patio Covers. However, the wood requires regular maintenance, treatment for weather-resistance, and polishing. 2-Aluminum Patio CoversIn the metal covers, aluminum is the most commonly used ...【Get Price】

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ArmorRenew Wood and Concrete Deck Resurfacer. Our ArmorRenew Wood Deck Paint brings old, worn-out decks back to life in a matter of hours. A specially formulated liquid coating, ArmorRenew efficiently repairs and resurfaces decks that have cracked, splintered, or just lost their luster, making them a serious safety hazard. Instead of building a ...【Get Price】

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Depending on the choice of materials for building a deck covering, the structure can be further enhanced with colorful canvas, bamboo poles or exotic woods. Step 1 - Extend 4 by 4s for Deck Covering Begin by systematically replacing existing 4 by 4 decking posts one at a time with a new 10 foot 4 by 4 post.【Get Price】

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Steps 3-5: Decking Boards, Steps, and Staining. The Douglas Fir decking boards were then laid over the joists, steps were built, and the completed deck was stained. Choosing the Right Lumber for Your RV Deck. Choosing which type of lumber you use on your deck is as important as the design.【Get Price】

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From pergolas to sunroofs, these deck covers provide ample shade. By Juliana LaBianca. Feb 20, 2020 ANNIE SCHLECHTER. One of the best things about having outdoor space is sitting on the patio and ...【Get Price】

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STRUCTODEK is lightweight compared to many other roofing cover boards, and it is fiberglass-free and cuts with a standard utility knife. Stocked in 12 locations around the country to facilitate job start-ups and completions, STRUCTODEK is available in 4’x4’ and 4’x8’ boards (W56-358-8531 for a 4’x4’x ½” board and W56-358-8532 for ...【Get Price】

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With over 40 years of proven performance and more than 150 million square feet of vinyl installed, Seven Trust offers a waterproofing solution for a variety of deck styles in both residential and commercial applications.【Get Price】

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Wood Planks: Wood deck material should consist of kiln-dried, tongue and groove, ship-lapped, or splined boards. All boards must have a bearing on rafters at each end and be securely fastened. They should have a minimum of splits and knotholes, and under no circumstances can these boards be warped or cupped.【Get Price】

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After installing the filler block, cover the cut end of the plank with edge trim to hide the cut and filler for a clean finished look. Light, Strong and Safer to Install Compared to most wood and composite decking materials, Versadry™ aluminum decking is 2 to 3 times lighter, yet 2 to 3 times stronger.【Get Price】

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The legal requirement for trailer flooring in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is not a difficult standard to meet. The standard is provided below, but to oversimplify the statute in the CFR, a trailer floor needs to be well constructed with no holes, tight enough to minimize the ability of gases and fire to permeate it, provide some traction, and kept reasonably clean by the trailer owner.【Get Price】

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Drawbacks to Installing an Overlay Over Wood. It is very difficult to introduce a new idea to the marketplace — especially when the idea is placing concrete on a wood deck. Our process requires special chemicals to be added to create a high-performance mix that will create a very water-resistant concrete. These chemicals can be expensive.【Get Price】

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Each sealant application turned the wood slightly darker, but after about three coats (stretched out over about 5 years), I have not needed to re-seal the wood. Before building a patio cover, please refer to the 2018 International Building Code for building codes related to patio covers.【Get Price】

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Most decks are made to support 55 pounds per square foot but must support 80 pounds per square foot if a deck roof is added. That means existing footings usually are undersized. Also, decks built with cantilevered beams or joists aren't safe candidates for an additional deck roof structure.【Get Price】

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Adding a Roof Over a Deck. Building a roof over a deck turns this area into the best possible outdoor living space. There are many advantages to a roof over your deck, such as: It provides shade and keeps your family dry during wet weather. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of the space.【Get Price】

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Warning: Covering your patio with Roman shades might tempt you to recline and indulge in a glass, or two, of wine. We suggest opting for adjustable shades — like the shades that Jamie Durie chose for actress Anne Heche's backyard — so you can control the amount of sunlight you wish to enjoy.【Get Price】

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Pros: With structures up to 21 ft. long and nearly 27 ft. wide, the wooden canopy systems will cover almost any size deck. Each canopy is retractable, and it’s the only system that allows the canopies to be partially retracted, giving you more control over your shade. More than 40 fabric colors are available to match your home’s decor.【Get Price】

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There is a large difference between wood that just looks unattractive and wood that actually needs to be replaced. If your deck is just discolored, stained or looks worn down, installing outdoor tile over wood deck area can be a great way to cover that up and start fresh. However, if the wood is rotting or decaying, your deck may be unsafe.【Get Price】

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Thru Flow decking allows water and debris to fall through your dock surface. Thru Flow decking is designed to be the finished decking for a dock, deck, patio or any outside or inside flooring structure. It is also designed to be used in conjuction with metal, wood, aluminum or other similar substructures. Advantages. Totally maintenance free【Get Price】

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22 ft. x 10 ft. White Aluminum Attached Solid Patio Cover with 5 Posts (20 lbs. Live Load) Manufactured with your family in mind, Integra Manufactured with your family in mind, Integra Patios solid roof patio covers are the durable, long-lasting, maintenance-free outdoor living solution.【Get Price】

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A patio cover can be as simple as an umbrella to protect from sun and drizzle, or as complicated as a DIY wooden patio cover. Whether you want to make your patio a nice place to hang out with a bit of protection against sun and rain, or...【Get Price】

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Drawbacks to Installing an Overlay Over Wood. It is very difficult to introduce a new idea to the marketplace — especially when the idea is placing concrete on a wood deck. Our process requires special chemicals to be added to create a high-performance mix that will create a very water-resistant concrete. These chemicals can be expensive.【Get Price】

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