stringer spacing using 5 4 trens for deck stairs

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Complete your Quickstep outdoor stairs in half the time it would take you to cut traditional wood stair stringers. Over 4400 lbs of weight capacity achieved per step, at 36″ spacing, when the QuickStep system components are used together. Aluminum Stair Stringers are available from 1 to 9 step tread increments【Get Price】

EZ Stairs Free Stair Calculator

Easy to use free stair calculator by EZ Stairs. Provides a step by step display and a print out option showing the finished stringer with cut dimensions and a materials list.【Get Price】

Baluster Calculator and Railing Estimator

For example, a 10′ railing with 3 3.5″(4×4) postswould have a total length of 120″ – (3 x 3.5″) = 120″ – 10.5″ = 109.5″. The next step in estimating the number of balusters needed is to add the thickness of the baluster to the maximum space between the balusters to get the combined baluster and spacing width.【Get Price】

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Measure down from the top of the decking on the face board of the deck using the measurement of the rise of the precut stair stringer. Mark this location. Repeat for each additional stringer. Install stair stringers no less than 16 inches apart for stability of the stairs.【Get Price】


10. If using 5/4 decking then stringers must be maximum 16” o/c spacing [Suggested maximum] 11. If using minimum 1 ½” thick stair material stringers must be maximum 24” o/c spacing [Suggested Maximum] 12. Stairs require a handrail when exceeding 3 risers (including the riser from the step from the ground to the first stair tread) 13 ...【Get Price】

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Another way to refine the deck’s appearance is to carefully line up the visible fasteners. Stack the treads with the ends aligned and transfer a layout mark that represents the stringer’s centerline 5. Before drilling any holes, mark the fastener locations and set up the boards for one tread to check the spacing 6.【Get Price】

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3. Cutting of Stringer. With all the cut lines drawn, carefully cut along them with a circular saw. In the notches at all the tread-riser intersections, stop cutting when the blade reaches the line. The strength of the stringer weakens if the tread and riser lines are overcut. Use the first stringer as a template to cut the subsequent stringers.【Get Price】

Stair Stringers and Treads Specifier's Guide

stair stringer CAUTION Stair stringer tables and attachment details are intended for use with TimberStrand® LSL only. Consult designer for attachment details for live loads greater than 40 psf. Optional continuous 2x4 reinforcement (2) on one side flush to bottom edge. Nail with 10d (0.128" x 3") nails at 12" on-center, staggered. Sawn out to【Get Price】

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Determine the total rise for your stairs using a level and a tape measure. Measure the distance from the top of the deck surface to the top of the stair landing. Input the total rise number into the Stairs Calculator to determine the number of stairs, each stair rise and run for laying out your stair stringers. The above example shows ...【Get Price】

How to Measure for and Cut Custom Exterior Stair Stringers

Generally 2x lumber treads with no riser (actual thickness of 1-1/2") will allow for the spacing mentioned above, however if a 5/4" tread (actual thickness of 1") is used and the distance between stringers is greater than 2' 5-1/2" then a riser must be used to increase the strength at the leading edge of the tread.【Get Price】

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The stair calculator is used for calculating stair rise and run, stair angle, stringer length, step height, tread depth, and the number of steps required for a given run of stairs. For convenience and flexibility, this stair stringer calculator comes in two forms, the automatic and manual .【Get Price】


Stringers spacing is a maximum of 9” on-center. Minimum of 5 stringers with 4 spans. For commercial applications, maximum of 8” on-center. Stringer Spacing Color Variation Like most composites, Deckorators stair tread will have color variations from piece to piece. This is due to naturally occuring variations in wood fibers and polymers.【Get Price】

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Use a framing square to trace the stair pattern on your stringer board. One of these tools will allow you to lay out consistent, precise angles down the length of the board. Measure 7 inches (18 cm) from the center of the square on one arm to set the rise and 10–11 inches (25–28 cm) on the other arm for the run.【Get Price】

Stair Stringer Layout Methods-Notched or Solid

Solid stringers can only be used on the outer sides of a set of stairs. But you have some freedom in the way you design the tread locations. A nice finished look uses a design where the nosing of each tread is hidden within the width of the stringer.【Get Price】

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Concrete Pads for Wood Deck Stair Stringers: Bodger: General Discussion: 12: 12-12-2008 08:55 PM: Bamboo on stairs with warped stringers: tgeliot: Flooring: 6: 11-02-2008 12:35 PM: Building stringers: aardvark: Decks & Fencing: 6: 02-28-2008 09:14 PM: Wall Frames Up a Stairway: Richie-C: Finish Carpentry: 9: 11-18-2006 10:27 PM: Painting in a ...【Get Price】

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Order two stringers for stairs up to 30 inches wide and an additional stringer for each 24 inches in width where the stairs are wider than 30 inches. For example, 48-inch wide stairs require three ...【Get Price】

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How many stair stringers do I need on a deck that is 10ft long. On 2020-04-06 - by (mod) - Scott Simpson and others make framing connectors specifically designed to give a safe, proper structural connection between the stair stringer and the deck (often to a rim joist provided the rim joist itself is adequately secured).【Get Price】

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Pre-cut stringers are available from various suppliers in both dimension and engineered lumber. Several manufacturers have resources available to help designers specify the correct size of stringer, including: Boise Cascade. US Western 1-5/16″ Versa-Lam 1.4 1800 Stair Stringer Guide; US Eastern 1-1/2″ Versa-Lam 1.7 2650 Stair Stringer Guide; LP【Get Price】

Stair Stringers and Treads Specifier's Guide

TimberStrand ® LSL Stair Stringers and SturdiStep Stair Treads Specifier’s Guide 9010 | September 2015 3 1¼" 1.3E TimBERSTRand® LSL STAIR STRINGERS Maximum Stringer Run 100 psf Live Load / 12 psf Dead Load Simple Span Stringer run without intermediate support Multiple Span Stringer run Stringer run with intermediate support Material Depth【Get Price】

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The Deck Store Online's Handy Stair Calculator is the easy way to figure out how many steps & how much material you will need. ... Maximum Riser height 7-3/4" from ...【Get Price】

composite deck stairs with wood stringers

can you use wood stair stringers with composite steps It is a solid composite It is a solid composite deck board that can be fastened directly to the stair structure. a more solid base, but guess now I need to take off deck stairs/railing just about 5 treads/steps , have a level concrete . Resurface your wood Deck with Seven trust composite ...【Get Price】

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What is a stair stringer? A stair stringer is the support frame piece to which the risers and treads of the stairs are attached. A staircase will typically have two stringer boards (one on either side) to three stringer boards (one on either side and one down the center) at minimum. Stringer boards should not be spaced more than 12 inches apart ...【Get Price】

Proper Deck Baluster Spacing: A Practical Guide [With Calculator]

Use a measuring tape. This is the simplest and most reliable way to space your balusters. Once you know your baluster width and desired spacing, add the two together. If the total is 4.5”, then put a mark along the rail every 4.5”. The front of each baluster will sit on that mark. Use a 2×4.【Get Price】

Deck 5: Deck Stairs with Returns -

These are laid out as normal, 8 rises at 7.44 and 8 runs at 10.5". Cut the bottom off by the tread thickness, 1 1/2" if you're using standard 2x6's for treads. (See How to Cut a Stair Stringer for more info on this.) Lay one out and use it as a pattern to copy the others. You need to make 12 jack stringers, so use the pattern for these, as well.【Get Price】

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There are usually at least three stair stringers supporting the treads; there is one on each end and in the middle of the tread, depending upon the size of the stairs. A set of stairs may need even more stringers if the width of the stairs exceeds 72 inches to ensure that the stringers are no more than 36 inches apart.【Get Price】

Stair Calculator

This free stair calculator determines stair parameters such as rise, total run, and angle, stringer length, based on height, run, tread, and headroom requirement. Explore a number of building and housing related calculators, as well as hundreds of other calculators involving topics such as finance, math, fitness, health, and more.【Get Price】

3 Steps - Use 2x10 or 2x12 stringer - ...

Decks, Patios, Porches, Walkways, Driveways, Stairs, Steps and Docks - 3 Steps - Use 2x10 or 2x12 stringer - Hi, I am connecting 2 decks. The rise is 25.5" my rise is 6.4" and run is 10"【Get Price】


lapeyre stair 5/20/2014 see specs square tube railing w/ flat plate stringer bp vb square tube railing with flat plate stringer e70xxelect x q r9 0 pl 1/4"x3" 12" hss 1 1/2x1 1/2x3/16 guard/ handrail detail with flat plate stringer 1 4 varies 11 2" 11" 4" max. pipe 1 1/2x.095 iso view 1 1/12 tube steel guardrail with 12x1/4 flat plate stringer ...【Get Price】

How Many Stair Stringers Do I Use?

If you're going to use a 4 x 12 stair tread, there's a good chance that you would only need one stair stringer at each end of the stairs, if you're stairway is less than 40 inches wide. If you're going to use 2 x 12 stair treads, you could space your stringers 24 inches on center. The thickness of the stair tread will affect the amount of stair ...【Get Price】

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How to calculate stairs. To use our stair calculator, you need to enter the following measurements as a minimum: Total Run – The total horizontal length of the stair stringer; Total Rise – The vertical height between the bottom of the first step and the top of the final step in the stair stringer【Get Price】

How to Build Deck Steps Without Stringers

For starters, it is much easier to build steps without stringers. Stringers can be challenging to measure, mark and cut properly. Box steps like we will be discussing are simple, robust, and they do not use stringers. Another reason you may choose to build steps without stringers for your deck is if you will be building very wide stairs.【Get Price】

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Table 1. Recommended Joist Spacing and Fastener Configurations Deck Board Member Residential Use 60 psf 2x6 24" 16" Direct Screw 5/4, C-Deck G&G *16" 12" Direct Screw, Groove & Groove *12" spans if installing decking diagonally. Sort of like a house with 24" center joists, something I would avoid.【Get Price】

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Using the correct spacing in stairway construction ensures that the stairs are safe and comfortable for any user. The International Code Council sets important guidelines for minimum tread and width. These guidelines ensure that users can comfortably set their feet down and use stairs without danger.【Get Price】

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