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Tile flooring is a durable choice for kitchens bathrooms and other areas of the home that might get wet from time to time. With the proper care tile flooring can look like new for years. Learn basic tile flooring care deep cleaning techniques and how to clean stained grout. These techniques are appropriate for both ceramic and faux tile ...【Get Price】

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Flooring Installation & Care Travertine Tile 62 Comments 7 Travertine tile will add a lifetime of beauty to your home but only if it’s properly cared for. Before deciding that travertine stone is the best option for your home it’s important to understand what’s involved in the cleaning and maintenance of travertine tile.【Get Price】

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Travertine tiles come in a variety of thicknesses depending on the size of the tile and the manufacturer. You can use those measuring 1/2 inch or thicker in place of pavers to create walkways ...【Get Price】

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With proper cleaning and maintenance you’ll enjoy decades of inherent beauty and optimum performance from your tile and natural stone surfaces. Our product experts provide detailed information: • Porcelain tile care【Get Price】

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With our expert Tile Grout and Stone Cleaning & Sealing Services we are able to all types of Stone and Tiled Flooring including Ceramic Limestone Marble Porcelain Quarry Sandstone Slate Terracotta Terrazzo Travertine Victorian tiles.and Vinyl Flooring.【Get Price】

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Travertine floor tiles range in colour from cream to tan to grey and can be mottled cloudy or with distinct veining. Unfilled Travertine tiles have a naturally textured surface and when filled honed and cut with a straight edge Travertine provides a perfectly flat surface that's sleek and contemporary.【Get Price】

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Versatility: Travertine tile flooring blends easily with accent colors and virtually any decor style. Adds Value: Travertine stone flooring is a great investment that increases your home's aesthetic appeal and market value. Relatively Low-Maintenance: It's easy to clean and only requires periodic resealing.【Get Price】

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travertine tile maintenance Travertine tiles are a popular flooring choice as they remain one of the most durable stone floor tile options on the market. With their comfortable and neutral color tones travertine's roughhewn look adds texture and a striking appeal to any floor space.【Get Price】

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Depends what you mean by "polish". You don't want to apply any type of permanent topical coating especially on a travertine tile floor. These wear poorly and require more maintenance than the stone itself. Also if this is tile flooring you need to let the stone breath and coatings don't allow this.【Get Price】

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Regularly filling these holes is part of the standard maintenance travertine floor require. Another downside is that travertine like other types of limestone is relatively brittle and therefore liable to chip or crack. Relatively High Cost. Cost is one drawback of using travertine for a large area of flooring.【Get Price】


If you want your travertine stone tile to last a lifetime it’s important to learn the ins and outs of proper travertine stone care. Regular maintenance is key to a long lasting floor. How to seal travertine tiles: In order to keep your travertine tile looking like new it is important that a sealant be applied.【Get Price】

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Travertine tiles have become more and more popular in home flooring walls backslpash pavers and around the pool. All travertine can look uniquely different due to their different finishes. Some of the most popular finishes are honed (matte) tumbled (rough or pitted surface) Brushed (worn or textured suface) or polished (shiny). Your Texas Floor technician will be able to successfully ...【Get Price】

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Travertine stone tile adds a lifetime of beauty to your home but only if it’s properly cared for. Before deciding that travertine stone is the Before deciding that travertine stone is the best option for your home it’s important to understand what’s involved in the cleaning and maintenance of travertine.【Get Price】

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Your first cleaning instinct may be to reach for the wet mop but for travertine tile this is a mistake. Wet mopping your travertine floor could result in fill loss damage of the stone staining and microbial growth that could cause discoloration.【Get Price】

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Start your travertine tile cleaning with dry dust mopping. This removes dust and other dirt before you do any scrubbing. Once those are out of the way you can wash the travertine floor tiles. Pick a pH-neutral mild cleaner ideally a soapless cleaner for best results. Soap can leave streaks on the tile.【Get Price】

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With regular maintenance and care travertine floors can last for decades. As we mentioned above a weathering effect — which many find highly attractive — will start to occur over the years. But if you prefer you can prevent this by applying a stone sealer periodically.【Get Price】

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Cleaning travertine tile can be done and is used in many different ways. One popular choice for flooring and bathroom walls is travertine. Although it is durable and attractive the softness of travertine (relative to other natural stones) and it’s rough porous surface texture make it one of the more difficult stones to keep clean. Cleaning travertine tiles in a shower can an especially ...【Get Price】

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A travertine floor will add value to any room. These tiles while beautiful in their natural stone appearance can be a little tricky to clean especially in the grout. If done incorrectly the mistakes can be very costly. Here are a few tips to help you clean your travertine floor grout easily.【Get Price】

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The cleaning modalities between ceramic and travertine tiles are vastly different. Damp mopping ceramic tile works well; however it can cause damage to the pits of the stone in travertine leaving residue behind. For this reason mopping travertine tile with a steam mop makes a lot of sense.【Get Price】

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Travertine: Travertine Cleaning Polishing Sealing and Grout Cleaning - Using the right cleaning products and the correct flexible diamond pad system to re-surface the travertine then using grout brushes for the grout lines and finally using the right seal Travertine floors can be made like new again. Travertine give the best transformations in stone you will see. They can be left【Get Price】

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Unfortunately travertine requires more maintenance than other types of tile and to keep this stone looking beautiful special care must be taken. Here are a few things to keep in mind when caring for the travertine tiles in your Denver home. The Tiles Should Be Sealed. Travertine has many pores that absorb liquids and other elements.【Get Price】

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Brick Medley 12 in. x 12 in. x 9 mm Honed Travertine Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile With its smooth unglazed surface and its With its smooth unglazed surface and its random variations in shade and tone the Brick Medley 12 in. x 12 in. Travertine Mosaic Tile makes a great complement for a variety of decorative styles spanning from rustic to contemporary.【Get Price】

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Travertine is often used for flooring in Houston and across the country. Fabricators or Manufacturers often add an epoxy filler to travertine tiles so that it can be smooth and polished. They also leave the stone unfilled at times and leave it a little rougher for a more rustic look. Either way travertine is a beautiful but high maintenance ...【Get Price】

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Boutique Carrara Polished Marble Wall & Floor Tile Natural polished carrara marble tile with a soft grey natural veining. Nothing can beat the real thing so if you would like to turn your kitchen or bathroom into a luxurious timeless haven choose this natural stone tile.【Get Price】

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Daily Cleaning Products for Travertine Floors. Travertine is a porous stone with warm hues and a textured surface. Although it's not as hard as granite travertine has a rough pitted natural ...【Get Price】

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Tile and Stone cleaning Stone Sealing and Grout Cleaning is what we do for a living we have the experience and resources to be able to resolve your problem whatever it might be. Call in one of our many expert Tile Doctors or do it yourself using our free advice and range of natural stone tile and grout cleaning and sealing products.【Get Price】

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Regular care of the travertine tiles will make sure that the sparkling and unspoiled form of your flooring lasts longer and will also minimize the need for a costly floor replacement. GROUT LINES DO: Grout is a mortar or paste of cement water and sand used for filling the gaps between tiles.【Get Price】

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7. Clean your bathroom’s travertine floor with a product specifically formulated for natural stone. 8. Avoid using all-purpose grout or tub & tile cleaners to prevent discoloring or damaging the travertine. 9. Never clean your travertine countertops or floors with products containing lemon orange ammonia bleach or vinegar to prevent etching.【Get Price】

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Travertine Flooring Costs . Travertine is a mid-range stone in terms of cost but this puts it at the high-end in the entire range of flooring materials. A travertine floor averages about $15 per square foot for materials plus labor. Marble by comparison averages around $20 per square foot and granite averages around $12 per square foot.【Get Price】

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You can expect travertine tile to last a very long time which will further bring down your lifetime costs since you won’t have to replace it as frequently as other flooring types. Travertine is not as likely to crack or chip when something is dropped on it or when large objects are moved across the floor on it. (However travertine is not invincible! You should still take care.) Travertine ...【Get Price】

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Basic Travertine Care. Travertine needs a consistent care routine. The following tips are easy and very effective at keeping travertine in top conditions. If you are cleaning a floor sweep it with a soft broom or a dry dust mop. You can also vacuum to get rid of grit and dust. Do not use tough brooms those can scratch the surface of the ...【Get Price】

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#3 The Pros and Cons of Long-Term Maintenance. Since travertine floor tiles typically are filled with resin it can end up separating from the stone over time. This will cause more maintenance issues as the tile ages. That’s why it is recommended to reseal your travertine tiles every 3 to 4 months.【Get Price】

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Tile floors are actually rather easy to care for and are nearly maintenance free. The best way to care for a tile floor is to be both proactive and reactive. Proactively keep debris such as sand and/or dirt off of the floor. Debris can be abrasive to a tile floor surface. Regularly vacuuming and/or sweeping with a dust mop will prevent surface scratching. Deeper cleaning of a tile floor can be ...【Get Price】

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Cleaning Travertine: Do's & Don'ts. Use the following Do's and Don'ts to learn how to clean travertine help you avoid bad habits and establish a safe method for travertine maintenance. Also check out the General Care & Cleaning Guide for the best tips on maintaining all types of countertop surfaces and floor tile. Do: Blot up spills ...【Get Price】

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Due to its porous nature travertine showers should have a sealer applied to keep water from absorbing into the pores of the tiles. Over time water can create stains on your travertine which can make it look unsightly. Even items like shampoo soap and the oil from your body can cause the tile to become damaged after a while. In order to combat this a quality sealer should be applied after ...【Get Price】

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The main cause of many dull-looking tile floors is wax build-up on the surface of the tile. In order to eliminate it you will need to buy a stripper that is specifically designed for travertine tile. You can find one at most major home improvement stores. Simply apply the stripper to your floor and then use a clean mop to spread it. Wipe the floor several times with clean water to make sure ...【Get Price】

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Stick to plain water and a mild soap when you are cleaning the stone. If you have tough stains call a stone floor cleaning company in Scottsdale. Overall there are far more advantages to travertine tile than there are disadvantages but you need to know all the information to determine if the stone is right for your tile floor.【Get Price】

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Porcelain tile can imitate the look of travertine without the level of upkeep and maintenance that natural stone requires. How thick is travertine tile? In general travertine tile is 3/8” to 1/2” thick.【Get Price】

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Our expert travertine repair services include filling in chipped areas in travertine fixing travertine cracks blending the repair site with the surrounding area and honing and polishing it to match the finish on the rest of your travertine floor countertop or other stone surface. Although it is rare for a travertine tile to be beyond repair sometimes tile replacement is necessary. Carter ...【Get Price】

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Inspect grout and tiles for damage. Bits of grout breaking off can scratch your travertine and trap dirt and grime. Cleaning is a great time to get up close and personal with your tile. Examine your grout and stone for cracks or chips. Be sure to replace chipped or broken tiles and have your grout touched up wherever necessary.【Get Price】

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Cleaning Travertine Floor Tiles Travertine floor tiles should be swept or vacuumed regularly to keep dirt and other grainy materials from scratching the surface. The tiles should be cleaned gently with non-abrasive and non-acidic cleaners. If an acidic cleaner is used a chemical reaction can occur causing discoloration of the tile.【Get Price】

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The dirt and stains on travertine tile floors is most likely of an acidic nature. Therefore it is necessary to use an alkaline cleaning product to react with the acidic grime on the tiles to dissolve it and make it easier to clean.【Get Price】

How to fill & repair holes in Travertine & Limestone floor tiles

Replacing your Travertine floor tiles if they are damaged can not only be difficult and costly but possibly difficult to match the new tiles with the old. The method on how to fill holes in both Limestone and Travertine floors is just the same although with Limestone which may be a polished flat finish it may be more desirable to get the filler flush with the surface of the tile.【Get Price】

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